Hi, I'm Trina . I have always had interest in fashion, cuisine, and of course reading. My cousin will certainly force me to watch all the cooking shows that were on TV. She is a chef and a real DIY kind of gal. Now I'm glued to the art of cooking, although I am not anybody's chef! My love of travel came much later when my friend, Carlotta reintroduced me to it. She travels as often as one will brush their teeth! It is a treat to have soaps, handmade jewelry, and apparel from all over the world! Cultural awareness goes without saying. Ten facts about me. 1. I am super spontaneous. This is a curse and a blessing. 2. Like most girls, I am obsessed with shoes. I even have a whole room full of them. 3. I've been a vegetarian for a very long time, but I'm always surprised to see the whole meat vs non meat debate. Eat what you want. Respect me as I do the same. 4. .In fourth grade"my teacher' suggested I become a writer. She was the first teacher to do so, but not the last! 5. I majored in creative writing in high school. Listening to other people talk about how hard it is, is how I strayed away. (Do not listen to people killing your dreams) 6. I am obsessed with hot sauces, the hotter the better. Although, I admit some have recently almost took me out. (Can I have some water, some soy milk?) 7. I secretly wish I can clone my cat, and everything else I love. 8. I like cooking, but did not start until I was 20. 9. I rarely make announcements, most people figure out what happened later. 10.. My grandma had/has an incredible fashion sense. I absolutely played with her cosmetics, costume jewelry, shoes, and everything from a young age. She had got a magazine subscription to "YM" from fourth grade.! The magazine was geared towards high students, but I certainly gained some valuable knowledge from that.

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4 Challenges you should do for the Third Quarter of the Year

 Challenges are good to do because it helps work on our goals and symptoms. I do not care if it’s for a day (ziplining) 0r a month, (No eating out) Every challenge has a purpose and should better you.  Some of them become my new way of life, (Um the whole no meat thing).  Either way, I feel like everyone should do some sort of challenges to get out of their comfort zone. Here are …

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How to survive your first Barbecue as a “Non-Meat Eater”

  Despite all the bullshit that’s going on, summer is here.! We need to have some sort of fun even, if it’s in small doses. Someone is going to be grilling, and I probably will go. Now there is still this big little thing called social distancing. Keep that in mind, too.  We can have fun, we just got to be safe.  For some of you guys this is going to be your first time …

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Three Rookies mistakes that Vegetarians Make

Sometimes those Juice Cleanses are Bogus, Sis.          Okay, Okay, you made the decision to stop eating meat, and you feeling all good. Did you watch forks over knives? Who convinced you? I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve made mistakes, like getting rice and gravy, and not even knowing what’s in the doggone gravy. I just knew it was no visible meat in it.  In the beginning, you going to make some simple …

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How to ease into Solo traveling, even if you are scared AF

I read. I travel. I become. Derek Walcott You know how the story goes, you want to go on a trip and everyone say they going to go. When the time comes to cough up the money, there is silence. Oh okay, so if not silence, there is excuses of why they cannot go.  Another year and another year go by without you going on your trip. Stop waiting for others and go solo. Solo …

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