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Four Winter key essentials to elevate your look

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Right now, I am dressing up for imaginary events in my head, but I am ready for when the real deal comes along. Let’s be honest. The inauguration was on fire with the looks and was very inspiring! I cannot decide between Jlo white look and Ms. Obama’s burgundy look. They were both so good!  Either way fashion is all about having fun.

The colder months do not have to be all drab and boring. Having some key pieces in our wardrobe can really elevate any look. The good thing is that these pieces I’m sharing are versatile and can be used for different looks. You may already have some of these pieces in your closet.

Hair Accessories

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purple hoodie, tuban, african print, red lipstick, american doll lipstick

You can go to Amazon, you can go to Etsy, you can go to Nordstrom. There are multiple places to get hair pieces from to elevate your look. I’m a sucker for these blinged headbands. It makes me feel all girly but in an adult way.

A lot of times I like to add a turban also to elevate my look. Sometimes I like the extra touch it gives. Other times I need it to give me a protective hair style.

Color boots

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Since red is my favorite color, and I love bright colors, naturally I have a pair of red boots. Bright colors are not everyone’s cup of tea (thank God for options) but I encourage anyone to try a pair of boots that are not just black, or brown. Try red, try pink, bright blue, try burgundy, or even navy.

This will really help to elevate your look and gives it a finishing touch.

Faux Fur

neutrual coat, fuzzy, warm, winter coat, beige coat, petite banana republic coat, faux fur coat,teddy coat

I mean wearing faux fur is one of the most glamorous things you can do. It keeps you warm and looks good AF for this type of weather. We want that warm and fuzzy feeling.

 It could be worn dressed down or dressed up. I look forward to pulling out my faux fur coats, stoles, bags, vest, all of that every season.

Dig into your closet and have fun adding furry pieces to your look. A pair of faux fur gloves will go a long way right now.


bcbg waist belt, cinch , waist, belt, obama belt, beige dress, tassle belt, statement belt

That belt that Michelle Obama had on, really elevated her look. Ladies let’s not ever forget how important a belt is.  Most of us got more than a few belts in our closet. Sometimes , it’s that finishing touch. For starters, it cinches in your waist, and can transform an outfit. I belt my coats sometimes too.

I shared some key pieces to wear during these Winter Weeks. Most of these are right in your closet. We still showing up for ourselves.

What pieces are you getting a lot of use of?

Thank you so much for reading.

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