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Everyday when you wake up

Everyday when we wake up, we should be doing something nice for ourselves. Everyday! We already know last year was rough! Hell this year had some rough day too! I bet next year will have some nonsense also.

It is important to do something nice for ourselves everyday, and you know me, I like simple things that can be done everyday. That way it can keep getting done.

I’m sharing some of the nice things that we should be doing for ourselves

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Not for the net
 Working on a hobby is cool. The thing is that the hobby does not always have to have money attached to it. Not everything is for the net. Not everything is meant for a side hustle.
 I know I need that unplug. Enjoy the hobby and have fun with it. I think it is important to have something that you can look forward to and relax to it. Something that you are doing for YOU that is fun, without the business aspect attached to it.

The current hobbies I will be doing a lot more of is reading fiction books and taking day trips.

Put some seasoning on your beauty
You know this was coming. Be serious about your skin care.  It’s okay to pamper everyday. Sometimes I be mixing a small bit of my perfume lotion, with shea butter. (Oh, those perfumed lotions smell good, but I do not want to be ashy)

 A facial mask, body exfoliation, not forgetting to drink water, all of that.
I like to put on some concealer, and a stay put lippie, if I’m going out. At the very least. It’s still okay to enhance your beauty, even in this mess we in. It makes up feel good, when we look good.

Take small breaks
Get up and walk around a bit. Stretch. Take a breather. The goal is to be positive, and calm. That leads to better productivity.  
The lockdowns and the imbalance of work home life can be a bit too much. Hell, I never used my work tablet from my home, until I had no choice.

 It is very important to take a needed break. We not Robots!  The other day I was sitting in the park, and I never felt that good sitting in a park. I was waiting for my appointment and decided to  just wait in the park. The little breaks are so good for our mental health.

Talking highly of ourselves
Ya’ll this is something that I have made progress on, but I still catch myself.  
I have to stop myself from having negative thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts are about things that happened years ago. I remind myself that’s in the past. Are you guilty of this too? We got to remind ourselves we not the only one who gets nervous, have a bad day, or screw up.

I remind myself of all the good things I have done, if I feel like that. So focus on things that makes you smile, so you can always talk highly of yourself. This is so important and really necessary for our mental health.
Some positive things to say

We deserve a treat every single day.
We will focus on what can go right
We look good and we dress good, every day
We deserve the best
We will spend more time smiling.

It’s not conceited, it for our own well-being to talk highly of ourselves.
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What you did nice yourself today? Let me know.

Thank you so much for reading,