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Why getting dressed is a form of self care

It was not until last year that I put fashion in the same form of self-care. I have always associated self-care with you know bubble baths, spa days , mediation and  hell naps. Those things are still at the top of my list, but so is style as a form of self care.

When I had a photoshoot in August, I felt like my old self again. Although I never stopped getting dressed, it was the first time I had put on items I have not worn in months, like heels. I felt happy and excited and more alive. Dramatic, yup. Also, true story.

 That’s when it hit me that style is a form of self-care. I had forget how good it felt. Now every one’s style is different since it’s your own expression, but that is what helps make you, you.

The bottom line was that putting that effort in ourselves makes us feel good! I am not talking about parading around in a ballgown while we at Whole Foods. (It’s not that Bougie!) I’m not talking about acting like we on the red carpet and getting ready for a big production with all the glitz and glamour. I’m talking about showing up for ourselves by putting in a little effort with our wardrobe. So please no more enemies catching you on a bad day. No more coworkers neither. (Your girl got caught looking the opposite of smooth in Target), never again

I’m showing three advantages of getting dressed.

Well we can’t go around naked, so I’m sharing three advantages of putting in some effort when we get dressed

First of All, take a shower

Every day we need to be fresh and clean.  Just because we not going out as much, does not mean to neglect that hygiene. Put on your lotion or cream afterwards to keep our skin soft and smooth. Then spritz a tiny bit of perfume on. Smelling good makes us feel good too. If you smell good and put on your clean and polished house clothes, it makes a difference. Don’t skip a shower and put on your good clothes. Do not put on some dingy clothes all fresh and clean, neither.

Think of the face you make when you smell something funky. Now think of the face you make you when you smell something good. There you go. Don’t get caught not getting down with the soap and water.

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Lifted Mood

Something as simple as wearing something that you love would lift your spirts. It could be perfume, it could be practicing wearing high heels, your favorite hat, lippie, etc. No matter what these sprinkles, or accessories will always work.

An underrated accessory I feel is still a belt. For your next Grocery Store outing, try belting your coat. A belt changes the look, without us spending extra money!  Looking put together lifts your spirits.

Respect on it

Even if just you are seeing yourself for the day. It does not matter. Just putting on some lipstick is a form of getting dressed. We are telling the Universe that we care about how we look. We respect ourselves and we put in an effort.

Showing up for yourself by getting dressed is a form of self-care.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reading.