“Stop wearing shorts after the age of 35” Lies that Society tells us

At some point, We all saw the magazine articles telling us what a woman should not wear over the age of 35. Truth is, I believe that there should be less trips to Fashion Nova and trendy Forever 21, based on quality, but not solely based on the clothing selection. (Older usually means more money and more choices) You know what I mean.

Y’all take those lists with a grain of salt. You know what you feel comfortable in. Remember, only you know you.  Keep wearing it, until you decide it’s a wrap. Modify some things if you need to, but that does not mean you have to kick it to the curb, once  you reach a certain age. 

There are some things that I think that we should have as we get older, through without giving up everything that society tells us to. You know like the no shorts after the age of 35, thing. I’m sharing 5 things that you should have , hell after the age of 25.

Wear your shorts ,ladies.

High quality perfume 

I used to be all about the body splashes too, but had to replace them with perfume. If you are interested in a light mist, then get to splashing through. Scented Oils work as well too. 

 I have yet to find a celebrity perfume that lasts on my body, so that’s out too. Let me know if you know of one. 

Shoes with padding or insoles

As we get older, our feet are actually losing more cushion. Damn. Lately, the shoes I have been buying have some padding in, and that is helping.

For my shoes that need some padding, I try to make sure I buy some good insoles, from Target or DSW.  

The dollar tree insoles don’t work for the shoes that are in need of the real extra cushion. I know because I’ve tried.

Dump the Frump

Even in the middle of a pandemic, we can still be put together. It does not matter if you are wearing a uniform,(For work or the same outfit all the time), you should still be put together. 

The easiest way to make sure you do not look frumpy is to make sure your clothes are not wrinkled. Get a steamer if needed , if you hate to pull out the iron. I know I do.

Dressing for your shape

The truth is that our bodies do change as we get older. Damn, again. The stuff I was able to eat before when I was chowing down, has to be in moderation now. Reality

 It is okay to make adjustments to cover the things we no longer want to show off. Also continue to highlight what you do and what to show off.

Keep up with your classic pieces

Wrap dresses work when you are 25 and they work well when you are 75. 

You know the pieces that are classics like trench coats, a good jean jacket, crisp plain white T-Shirts, etc . Those pieces are timeless. Everyone looks good in them!

There are no set rules, for you should dress once you reach a certain age. I have shared some tips, though that should be encouraged as you reach a certain age. What’s the one rule you see in magazines and roll your eyes at it?

Thank you,