The high and the “Low”

If i’m being honest, this day was the first day that heels touched my feet outside of the home., since February. I missed wearing my heels, even if in short doses. 

I like nice things, but if I know I could get them at a discount, yes i’m all in. Guys, usually you can always get it a discount. I mixed my “low” Asos dress with my”high” Ferragamo’s heels from Nordstrom Rack. I had these shoes for years. They are both great quality. 

I love Nordstrom Rack! Shopping at the rack is a real thing. I got good stuff from there, and not all was made just for the rack,either.  Some were straight from Nordstrom.  These blue babies were more than 50% off!

Asos have a petite line, so If you want to save some money on the tailor, get in there. 

The blue and coral pop so good together.

Have you been shopping your closet, or shopping in stores? Or both.?