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So, healthy food is only for the rich?

So for some reason, eating healthy has been normalized as something super expensive. On top of that of course I know it’s labeled as bland food too.   I have heard at least two or three people say it is expensive to eat healthy. It took me a while to convince my old coworker about Trader Joe’s and finally he saw for himself that I was right all along.

 Now the thing about that is that Trader Joe’s ,( as much as I love you) is not the only option for eating healthy or getting inexpensive items. How come I never thought that eating healthy is out of reach and how come other people thought/think this? Now hold up, I saw the article that the CEO of whole foods spoke about.  I got my thoughts too.

Then I decided to do my own research by asking some of my facebook friends (also some are friends in real life, you know what I mean). Since I never thought eating healthy was out of my reach, I was able to hear it from a different perspective.

 I am going to break down the myths and the truth of this whole thing. 

First of All, it’s labeled as Expensive

We all heard ,oh you have to eat organic.  Being told, the line, “Organic is the only way”. While It’s okay to choose organic foods, you do not always have to  reach for them to be healthy. Personally, I dibble and dabble with organic food. Organic does cost more, hell sometimes a lot more.  Sometimes  it’s organic , sometimes it’s not. I skip over it, because sometimes it is a little bit more. Watching coins? Stock up on organic fruits and veggies and skip on everything else. 

Either way, get healthy foods any way you can

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Actually it’s boring to eat healthy, not necessarily Expensive

I remember when I had tried Olive oil on my bread for the first time. My date suggested it, and I was like, “Um, no”  But I decided to do it anyway, not like I had something against Olive oil. It was good.  No harm done! You see guys, it was just a simple change of switching up. 

Yup, the idea of eating something like,  lightly seasoned Kale Chips do sound kind of boring. Let’s be honest, a doughnut sounds better. A lot better.

 Healthy eating is really changing around some ingredients and some seasonings. You do not have to change that much of what you were already doing. Just choose a balance. On the same day, you can eat a cupcake and a colorful salad. Also me.  Have a cheat meal, or a cheating day. It depends on your goals. 

 Try Brown rice sometimes, instead of white. Make your own salad dressing. My base is mainly       olive oil, peppers, and vinegars. Then i’ll freestyle from there. That’s all this is freestyling with your culinary skills. 

Not within an easy Reach

Okay, so the supermarket right on Schenectady, has a lot of organic, vegan, and basically some of the stuff that I will normally see in Whole Foods. The problem is, they charge more. It’s more by maybe, 2 or 3 bucks, but it is still more! That many healthy choices were not even available before, however the neighborhood has changed. Gentrification. 

There are several supermarkets just like that,unfortunately. Truth is if you do not do your grocery shopping in Whole Foods, Walmart  or even Stop n Shop , you have nothing to compare it to. You do have access to get healthy food at a better price, then what you are used to seeing. 

 I recommend just sticking to rice, beans, some fruits and veggies. Just do a comparison.  I personally just take 15 minutes out of my day, to go to another area to do the bulk of my grocery shopping. 

Walmart and  Target are good places to get choices that can help you save some $. They are affordable. Groceries like tofu, beyond meats, and organic products are usually what cost more in the neighborhoods that are in the “hood” The truth, from what I see. There is no sugarcoating. 

Eating healthy is a choice that we all have and can do. It is NOT something that is just for the rich. You can eat organic in moderation, and still eat healthy. Once you know what to buy you can buy it from most places. Mix and match where you buy your groceries to save money. A minor switch of ingredients, your food will still be bomb! 

I believe in moderation. Let me know if you do a cheat day, or just a cheat meal?