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4 Challenges you should do for the Third Quarter of the Year

 Challenges are good to do because it helps work on our goals and symptoms. I do not care if it’s for a day (ziplining) 0r a month, (No eating out) Every challenge has a purpose and should better you.

 Some of them become my new way of life, (Um the whole no meat thing).

 Either way, I feel like everyone should do some sort of challenges to get out of their comfort zone.

Here are four challenges, to take on in the third quarter.

Cusine with your friends

This challenge kills two birds in one stone, socialization and (hopefully) good food.

The two ways to do this challenge is to try a new spot with your friend. This is not limited to just outside restaurants. This can be a smoothie spot, getting some ice-cream, or a snack.

The other way to do it is just to swap ideas of whatever it is that you ate.  This can be done on Zoom, What’s App or the old fashioned way of calling.

Why not try something new, no harm done.

Mind your business

Do you know how many problems you can get rid of, when you mind your business?

The other day when I was talking to my friend, I was getting upset about her problems.

Her problems were not really her problems. They were other people problems that she was concerned about, that had nothing to do with her! She actually realized that after the rant.

If you judging others, stop.

 If you mad at something a celebrity did, alright, but do not let it ruin your day. You probably do not know the celebrity in real life. I am just assuming.

Guys, we have to pick and choose our battles. Pick and choose what are actual problems. Ask yourself how does this affect me.   We got to protect our energy.

Try it for a day, or two, until it becomes a habit. I’m a lot better at this myself, but not perfect.

No Shopping Challenge

The no shopping challenge is not set in stone. It can be as strict as no shopping for the month, except of course essentials. A complete no shopping for the month includes, no clothes, no outside food, no entertainment.

 It can be as loose as no new lippies for the month

A year’s worth of not buying no clothes is probably the strictest.

To prevent your own burnout, you know what you need to work on. Just remember a challenge is called a challenge for a reason.

Self-care and Chill

Yes, we have to take the time to relax. Listen, I need to take the time to relax and unwind. Again, too much running around can leave to burnout.

Get a journal and be consistent in writing thoughts in it.

feet-toes-nailpolish-braids-challenges-floral dress

Keep up with your grooming sessions. I cannot wait to hit the nail salon.

Drink a green smoothie every morning.

End of Story

Giving ourselves a challenge and actually doing it helps us to really accomplish both small and big things. Challenges do not have to be anything drastic or the time neither, just something out your norm.