Three Rookies mistakes that Vegetarians Make

Sometimes those Juice Cleanses are Bogus, Sis.

         Okay, Okay, you made the decision to stop eating meat, and you feeling all good. Did you watch forks over knives? Who convinced you? I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve made mistakes, like getting rice and gravy, and not even knowing what’s in the doggone gravy. I just knew it was no visible meat in it.

 In the beginning, you going to make some simple mistakes, but it’s all good. Mistakes happen usually for anything that’s new and not within your norm. Just learn and keep it moving. 

You “Cheated’

You saw some meat, wanted that meat and you devoured that meat.  You don’t have to say forget the whole vegetarian/vegan lifestyle because that turkey wing looked good and was tasting good. News Flash, the vegetarian police are not real. You can slip up and start back again. No need for a veggie rehab. It is not that serious. Try the no meat thing again.

Well since it’s vegan, it’s better, right

Do you want to gain 11 pounds in a few weeks, in say a month? Try eating 4 doughnuts a day. That’s exactly what happened to me, when I discovered this vegan doughnut spot. (It was Buy 2 get 2 free at the close of the day.) Most Junk food never had meat in it in the first place, so that’s an easy grab. You already familiar with it.  The only thing is it may be a constant grab when you trying to figure out what in the world you going to eat, for your new lifestyle.  Whether you eating deep fried doughnuts at the Georgia Fair or organic doughnuts made with the freshest peaches from Georgia, too much junk food is not good.  Struggling to zip up my clothes made me learn “you can’t fit this no more” the hard way.

Having no form of support

A few emerging vegetarians/vegans told me they had to start eating meat again, because of their household.  This same thing applies to my pescatarians too. (Eating just seafood, has its restrictions too) They were the only one in their household who stopped eating meat. Steak from a cow was being cooked, and not cauliflower steak. therefore, they were tempted to eat and not ready to stop eating meat.  Guys, this is when a support group come in.

 Find a friend who can do it with you. Join a group, whether it’s a Facebook group, or a meetup group. Continue to read my blog and watch YouTube so that you can get some support, you know like some friends who don’t want to eat meat no more. Remember you doing this for you.

Basically, you can keep up with a vegetarian/vegan diet as long as you want to. Yeah in the beginning, it’s different, and some mistakes will be made. Shrugs Shoulders.  How else can you learn and show someone else?

 What lessons have you learned so far, in your journey?