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How to learn the difference between a Vegan diet and a Vegetarian diet, once and for all


I sure wish I had a dollar for every one who asked what is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian diet. There are a lot of people who do not know the difference between being a vegan and a vegetarian.  For the most part, everyone pretty much understands that no physical meat is present in these diets. There is no animal flesh involved. That will be correct.  I realized a while ago, that you cannot always expect someone who is not following your lifestyle, to understand completely. That is okay.  You have to have your own back with knowing the difference.  This post gives a basic difference of the main difference in the diet.

Remember when you went to a birthday party, and it was time for the cake to come out. Sometimes, it takes a long time for the cake to come out. Once the cake is cut, people tend to leave. (This is based on what I’ve seen, my entire life. Unspoken rule) Well, a vegan can actually probably leave before that cake is cut, and a vegetarian can stay and enjoy eating their slice. Cakes have no meat in it, but there is a difference between a vegan cake and a vegetarian cake. The animal ingredients in food items makes a difference, such as the beloved birthday cake.

This year for my birthday, my coworkers actually surprised me with a vegan birthday cake. Thank God, my birthday is in January, before all of this world changing events occurred. They knew that the ingredients in a regular birthday cake was not going to work for me.  I was surprised and appreciated it so much. You can still eat everything that you were eating before, but with some modifications. Now you do have to make sure that you are a sharp reader, and read the ingredient on everything you buy. This is more so, especially in the beginning stages.  It is easy as hell to have a vegetarian or vegan diet! Just go to a store, and see the options that even a year or so ago, did not even exist.

Let me explain the difference between vegetarian diet and a vegan diet. One of them may be a better fit for you. Your choice for what diet works for you.

The difference between a vegan and vegetarian diet are the animal based ingredients. A vegan diet does not have any animal based ingredients, whatsoever.  Let me bring you back to the birthday cake, or pretty much any traditional cake. Eggs, Butter, and milk (cow, sheep, goat, etc.)  are animal based products. Eggs comes from a chicken. The butter comes from a cow.  The milk comes from a sheep, a cow, or goat. Those are animals, so those ingredients will not be in any vegan food.

Guys, that is the difference. Both diets are exempt from animal flesh.  Just take any dish and think about what’s in it, if it has any animal based ingredients, like eggs it is more or the vegetarian side. Hell, if you just eat eggs for breakfast. That is it!

 Same cake example goes for Macaroni and Cheese, if you a vegan, you have to find a substitute so that you can continue to enjoy eating Marconi and cheese. There are plenty of vegan based cheeses out.   This is why I am saying, that you can still eat the foods that you grew up with and love, but with some tweaking and an open mind. Vegan substitutes replaces any animal based product. Instead you can use vegan butter, oat milk, plant based cheese, etc.

If you a vegetarian, you can continue to eat your cousin’s mac n cheese, providing there is no meaty flesh in it.

Which diet do you follow, or was slightly curious about?