“Can you call the CEO of ASOS?”: Three reasons why it’s good to support a small business

I like shopping online at a big retailer like Asos, was super happy when Nordstrom opened up in the City, and pretty much I just like to shop.  Big business gets my hard earned dollars, but I especially love supporting small business.

Back in the days, when the world was open, I went to this amazing Holiday Bazaar and met all kinds of fabulous ladies, doing their thing. I was able to gift some presents that I never saw before, presents to myself and others.  I admit I’m high maintenance, so the level of customer service has to be high notch, no matter how big or small the business is. That is probably why I like small businesses so much. We all like good customer service.

The one on one attention, and the personalized attention keeps me going back for more. I can send a quick email to the small business owner and even get something made just for me.  I shop these big places, but I cannot message the CEO of ASOS and expect to get a message back. (Not me, not yet, but’s that’s okay) I can do that through with a small business. Guys, with what’s going on, clearly a lot of business are struggling, and you know small business are extra struggling.  Hell, a lot of people are having a hard time. If you can right now, or when things pick back up, check out a small business. Pick up some things from them. Try getting your cleanser or sauce from a smaller spot. You still need to wash your face, your body, and eat, right.

 There are three reasons why I keep coming back.

Building A Connection

When we buy from a small business we get to build a connection.  You can actually feel appreciated and needed. I celebrated when a fashion designer whose clothes I had loved, suddenly saw his designs on Beyoncé. “Yes”! When you build that connection, you will be ecstatic for the person to win. Many times we all watched someone who started out small, and then boom!

Trust is big for me, and goes for my shopping dollar$ too. Shopping small when they putting out that good work, helps earn and keep my trust.

Your connection could build networking. Your network is your network. We have to be able to learn from each other and grow with each other.

You get to build trust, the person knows your expectations, networking,

  • Customized

I was looking for a large red bucket bag and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. While I was on LoveCortine website, I saw she had a bucket bag but it was not red. So I messaged her, and ask can she do a red one. That’s the beauty about shopping small business. That one of a kind piece, and customized piece is very luxurious. You the only one walking around with it. You can easily message the owner and put in your request. They are always happy to do it.

  • Motivation

 I admire seeing people on their grind, and that is the kind of positive energy that I want around me.  If they doing it, it brings hope to someone else.  Being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to move on up and away from just getting by. I love to see children and other family members helping out in the business.  Once again, your network is your networth.

Guys, I hope that you think to remember a small business too, when you making your next purchase.