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Chic but effortless

I had no intentions of adding yet another coat to my collection (For Fall) this year. I’ve been eyeing this trench coat for a good while. I believe since even last year, however It was on the pricy $ide. Not only that but I did not want anything so high-maintenance like suede. (Dry Cleaners) Once I saw that Banana Republic had their friends and family sale, I hopped over to Rockefeller Center. No exclusion equals red flag to a bull, for me. I wondered if I would be able to find this beauty. I felt with rewards and half off tag, I deserved a treat. Obviously, I found it. In fact, it was the only one left. I happily brought it. Of course I saw this Jessica Simpson faux suede one a few days after. It looks great too. What can I say, I’m a coat whore who was born in the winter. The second day of the year to be exact.

Trenches are chic yet effortless. I do not want to be fussy tying the belt neither. Here are some cool ways to wear it.