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Six inches for Brunch


I had brought these Shoemint shoesFOUR years ago.  I also have them in this version . (Poshmark and eBay is of course a good way to get old  items never even worn)  This is the first time they making it out the house.  I simply felt like wearing heels, so I choose these.  This is when shopping your closet comes to play. But let’s be honest, most days anything over a 4 inch heel does not make it out my door on a day-to day basis. I love shoes, especially high heels, but living in New York, I walk a whole lot! Sometimes you have to be extra, though.

My friend and I decided to grab some very light brunch at Ovenly.  Surprisingly, I was not that hungry. So a muffin with tea and almond milk was fine. The vegan chocolate chip muffin and salted vegan chocolate chips was banging.  I cannot wait to go back again.






    Andreas Melodia

    March 31, 2020

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      March 31, 2020

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