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Five Tips to maintain feminine energy while Quarantined.

Your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance, play, and attune to your internal process.

Shelly Bullard, MFT

Wow what a complete difference a month make, a week, a day! The world is completely altered due to the coronavirus. Having positive energy as much as possible and keeping my ass inside is how I’m trying to get through this.  The key word is trying. Since I’ve been home a whole lot more, I’ve been doing some homewerk. This is a good time to improve on things, while we are stuck in the house.

 These are the few things that have been helping me at this crazy time.

Get rid of junk

I have a lot of items, that no longer serve me any purpose any more.  I realized I still got some more purging to do. There is some old makeup, that I’m not wearing at all. It needs to go. It is just collecting dust.

 Two challenges are to throw away (or donate if possible, during this time) one thing a day. The other is to take ten minutes to clutter. Set a timer and do it. This is a good start to get into a routine. Clutter usually makes us lose focus on trying to relax. Since we at home a little more, do any of else need excessive clutter?! Okay, the truth is we never needed clutter.

Cook More

Cooking is a good way to show appreciation for yourself and for others.

Home a lot more, means that I have to cook a lot more too. I do have to eat.  I no longer have the luxury of dining at one of my favorite restaurants, whenever I feel like it.  So, I have to cook more.  I had to become more creative with dishes. Before, I mainly cooked some of the same foods over and over and over again. That’s cool, but that gets old fast, when the restaurants are not an easy option to add that variety.

You can find some inspiring ideas from Instagram, your imagination and YouTube.

Cooking is a creative outlook, so it is all good. I actually feel positive when I am cooking, because I know what’s in the food.  I find that cooking is also keeping me calm, during this time.

Train like an Athlete

Okay, So I am not training like Serena or anything. (Love her) What I am doing, is making sure I get in planned (mainly) daily exercise every day. This includes maybe a day of getting in some stretching. I am setting up a workout routine for the week. Just like an athlete, having goals and sticking to them.  

Ladies we need to be exercising our bodies, it’s showing that we take care of ourselves. 

YouTube have been saving me. They have all kinds of good workouts on there!

 I’m a walker, but I’ll be doing solo walks for whenever I need a little fresh air.  Training your body is an easy self-care tip.

Photo by Dazzle

No Damaging Social Media

I got to look at less of my Facebook newsfeed for sure. I know that the coronavirus is driving us insane. It is scary as hell! It is also depressing to constantly go on the newsfeed and constantly see stories related to the virus.

Some of the stories are downright myths, and is overwhelming. It is best to go to a real source for accurate information.  It’s not being ignorant not to always want to see everything related to the virus, just for our own sanity.

Right now watching cartoons, such as “Teen Titans Go” have been making me laugh and finding humor.  My friend Janell made it clear when she said this on my newsfeed “Can you please stop talking about coronavirus, shit, man

Ladies, we need to be picking up those books and read. Why we are in the home, this is a good time to catch up on your reading. Remember, your resolution at the beginning of the year.

Self Care

Take showers. Do you want to be funky and bored or clean and bored? Pick one. . Sometimes I even put on a little perfume to boost my spirits. Let’s keep it feminine.

I’m still a big believer in a spa treat. You could put on a mask while you are cooking, reading, or whatever it is. I’ve been masking it, while I’ve been catching up on reading some books. Turns out, now I got the time and no excuses.

End Of Story

Guys, this is a stressful time. I am practicing gratitude. This is the time to count all blessings.

There is nothing wrong with talking to someone. If you can talk through to your friend , that’s good. If not talk to a therapist.  I take therapy bi-weekly. It is done through Zoom.

Share, what’s helping you to maintain some positive vibes in the house.