Month: September 2020

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Vegan snacks to pick up at TJ’s

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on  a long ride and been starved. I knew I had to change that up when I flew how many miles from NY to Korea last year. When I woke up after my nap my stomach was not happy. (In my defense,it was my first super long flight)  Starved.  My plane ride going back to JFK  was much easier. It was snacks I could eat, however …

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“Stop wearing shorts after the age of 35” Lies that Society tells us

At some point, We all saw the magazine articles telling us what a woman should not wear over the age of 35. Truth is, I believe that there should be less trips to Fashion Nova and trendy Forever 21, based on quality, but not solely based on the clothing selection. (Older usually means more money and more choices) You know what I mean. Y’all take those lists with a grain of salt. You know what …

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The high and the “Low”

If i’m being honest, this day was the first day that heels touched my feet outside of the home., since February. I missed wearing my heels, even if in short doses.  I like nice things, but if I know I could get them at a discount, yes i’m all in. Guys, usually you can always get it a discount. I mixed my “low” Asos dress with my”high” Ferragamo’s heels from Nordstrom Rack. I had these …

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