Grab this moisturizer.

Tops Coconut Oil, when it comes to Moisturizing skin and Hair

Two things I have been trying to do this year is have a lot less clutter, and take better care of my skin and hair. The way the year been with hours of being home, I did not have to try too hard.

 Jojoba oil actually helps me with both of the goals.  This oil does so much, that I need less products. It is natural and everyone can use it.

Jojoba oil is very close to how your own skin produce its own oil.  Once you put it on your face, you will see how light it is. Your skin will not look greasy. (Who want to look greasy, anyway?). It pretty much balance the oils in your own skin. With this oil, no need to freak out about getting breakouts. You will glow, instead.

Now I dibbled and dabbled with jojoba in the past. Like you, coconut oil stayed in rotation, but jojoba oil is just better for sensitive skin. I’m not knocking coconut oil, but Jojoba oil have a higher concentration of fats in it, that equals some more moisture.  But now I decided to do this thing called consistency, with this oil.   Actually, it’s really a wax ester, but this is not a science lesson. It’s complicated.

I have heard that this baby acts as a mosquito repellent and treats bite marks. I have not been able to put that to the test, to see if that will work for me. I will cross that bridge when I get there.

I am sharing the five ways Jojoba have been adding value to my life. Yes, Value. It is good stuff that is less inexpensive than something I will get at the department store or drug store.  It can be used as an eye cream, moisturizer, hair treatment, etc.

Pic by Karolina

 Makeup Remover

The days that I am wearing mascara, this takes it right off.  There is no need for obsessive pulling. This does the job.


I recently just started doing the precleanse again. This is part one of the Korean skin care that I was definitely skipping. Not anymore, I need all  the pampering

I can get. Even if I am the one doing the pampering.

              Even without makeup on, the air of New York City is polluted and my face needs deep cleaning.

              EEK, nasty stuff builds up on our skin during the day, so yeah, this step is beneficial

Eye Moisturizer

Jojoba is excellent at adding moisture to your undereye area. It has Vitamin E, and Vitamin B in it and anti-aging benefits as well.  Put a little on your fingers and tap tap. Be gentle of course. It can be used on your lips as well, so your lips can be soft. You will be hydrated all day.

Hot oil Treatment

This bad boy can be used as a hot oil treatment too! I sometimes mix it up with other oils, or use it by itself. Either way, it is in the mix of things.  Remember it has Vitamin E in it, which helps strengthens hair.

Relax with Jojoba

You know I am big on pampering and unwinding. Jojoba offers those benefits too. Two ways this goes down. Adding some drops to your bath water, (along with the pretty bath fruits) and you took some stress off of the day. Isn’t that always needed.

The other way is to get a relaxing massage, by your S.O, and return the favor too.

It’s quality time that is encouraged.

End of Story

Jojaba can be found many places. I grab mines at Trader’s Joes, because you know they always have great stuff for a good price. The key is to look for 100 percent Jojoba oil.  With all the use that you can get out of it, this baby is not going to sit around and just collect dust.