Grass for dinner! Surviving being a vegetarian at gatherings.

      If you know me, you know I like to eat a lot. This does not include limiting myself to only large heap of salads.  Going to a gathering when you are the only one not eating meat can be a pain. To be honest, it can suck if you are depending on that being stomach savior for the day. It is uncomfortable.  Some people even automatically assume that you are starving yourself. […]

Chic but effortless

I had no intentions of adding yet another coat to my collection (For Fall) this year. I’ve been eyeing this trench coat for a good while. I believe since even last year, however It was on the pricy $ide. Not only that but I did not want anything so high-maintenance like suede. (Dry Cleaners) Once I saw that Banana Republic had their friends and family sale, I hopped over to Rockefeller Center. No exclusion equals […]