4 Challenges you should do for the Third Quarter of the Year

 Challenges are good to do because it helps work on our goals and symptoms. I do not care if it’s for a day (ziplining) 0r a month, (No eating out) Every challenge has a purpose and should better you.  Some of them become my new way of life, (Um the whole no meat thing).  Either way, I feel like everyone should do some sort of challenges to get out of their comfort zone. Here are […]

An open letter to becoming an Ally

I realized it was an Issue, not just Black People Vs Racism. This week has not been an easy week at all.   We already on lockdown, with the pandemic, and now this! There has been a worldwide cry for injustice related to racial events. My friend (whom is white), I’ll call her Raven called me the other day and asked what can she do to help. She was outraged.  To be honest, I couldn’t […]

Plant based tips for shopping your Quarantined Kitchen

I admit, I used to do a small grocery shopping twice a week at Trader Joe’s. It was convenient. I was always in the area of Trader Joes’s and Whole Foods.  They both get my love. Now that we are quarantined, I have to shop for these groceries with a purpose. I no longer have the luxury of going whenever I feel like it. The last time I went food shopping, four days ago, I […]

Five Tips to maintain feminine energy while Quarantined.

Your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance, play, and attune to your internal process. Shelly Bullard, MFT Wow what a complete difference a month make, a week, a day! The world is completely altered due to the coronavirus. Having positive energy as much as possible and keeping my ass inside is how I’m trying to get through this.  The key word is trying. Since […]

Not just Oranges: Dose of Vitamin C

When I think of Vitamin C, the first thing that comes to my mind is oranges. Perhaps yours too.  That’s not even the only way to get Vitamin C through, there are more ways than oranges to get your dose of Vitamin C It is important to add the benefits of Vitamin C in your diet and skin care! We know that Vitamin C is good for our immune system. Now while, It  is no […]