Things you can do to increase your happiness

Hey ya’ll, obviously things are way different this year for the holidays. Now it’s true, the holidays are a naturally happier time, but this year there are some changes.

Even if you have not suffered financially, not seeing your friends or family can certainly put a damper on things! I only saw my grandmother twice since covid hit, and my great grandmother once. ( I was socially distancing and had on a mask, I was so fearful) That could make your spirit go down, that and other issues that were taking place before, during and maybe after 2020. 

I was thinking that we cannot control a lot of things, but we all would rather be happy than sad. I am sharing 5 simple ways I want to consistently add some happy thoughts and pick me ups. 

  1. Look at the other person’s perspectives, without losing your mind.

Being more empathic and letting other people have their own perspective is a game changer. Take the whole Kevin Samuels debate. Truth be told that is his perspective, no one has to agree or disagree  with it. No one has to feel down about what someone says. Hell, people were feeling down, and they did not even know him.

 Key is to not let someone control your own happiness. You are responsible for that.

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I’ll be honest. I booked a group trip for Dubai . I was set to leave in April of this year. Covid happens, and of course that’s a wrap. I still did not get my voucher  back till this day. I am not sure of behind the scenes stuff that is going on, but the planner stated that she is still  working on it. 

Talking to my friend Kim,is how I was finally able to see the planner’s side. (This was literally yesterday)  The planner was going too. She also had this  trip that she was looking forward to vanished! How could we predict Covid? Something like this? Regardless of what, looking at someone else’s perspective, even if I agree or disagree, helps make me less angry. Less anger equals more happiness. 

  1. Smile

This one is easy. I got this from Eric Jerome Dickey, in his Guiden books. Smile to make your voice sound happy, if needed.

When we smile at someone, or they smile at you, you’re going to smile back. Energy. 

  1. The cuteness of pets

Instantly playing with a pet , or even looking at pictures of other people’s pets will make you smile. C’mon they are so cute. My cat usually always makes me light up!

  1. Affection and Sex

Yes! Having good sex will make you feel happy! The goal is to feel good before and after you have sex too.  That plays into affection and emotions. I feel if there are any questions and more sad tears than smiles with the before and after, it’s time to go. Leave them alone. Keep your legs closed to these bums.

  1. Get off the phone

A friend constantly complaining, social media posts that make you feel bad, or a bad text equals unhappy faces. To avoid this, girl, just get off the phone. No need to even hit a text message back, with another argument. Either ok, or silence!

I shared five simple tips that you can do today to make you more happy. We have to protect our personal wellness. Share what do you do to increase your happiness?

Thank you so much for reading. Have a good holiday!



    December 24, 2020

    Love your tips! To increase my happiness I love listening to music which makes me dance 💃🏾


      January 10, 2021

      Literally the best thing to do is music. Thanks for this