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An open letter to becoming an Ally

I realized it was an Issue, not just Black People Vs Racism.

This week has not been an easy week at all.   We already on lockdown, with the pandemic, and now this! There has been a worldwide cry for injustice related to racial events. My friend (whom is white), I’ll call her Raven called me the other day and asked what can she do to help. She was outraged.  To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything that she can do to help at that moment.

 I’ve never seen her act in appropriate way towards anyone, or say anything towards, well anyone, black, white, gay, fat, skinny straight, whatever. I also did not think to put everyone I knew who was white involved in this. In my head I was like Oh no, this only for racist people, not you, girl.  Then as the days went by, and I saw more and I learned more, myself, I thought about ways that we could all help each other, and offer some form of support.

Exposure from the Start

Children are so innocent and open-minded. That is why it is a great idea from the start to fill your home with multi-cultured books, dolls, and different TV programs. Use the power of these tools show our differences.  It is important to expose children to people who do not look like them from the start. I know that talking to children about hard issues is not easy to do. Breaking it down in bits and pieces is very helpful. Now, if children are exposed from the very beginning, this is a familiar world to them, that they learned to love, not hate.

When it’s feasible, travel to a different destination to get a different aspect of culture. This includes museums in your own city! If you cannot physically do that, do it through watching a travel channel.  

Educate yourself

I had a black history calendar growing up, with three sets of bookcases, so while, I don’t know everything, I was able to educate myself in a big way by reading. It does not take a long time or much out of your day to do so, if the topic is of interest to you.

I am a big believer in reading and lifelong education. Reading and educating myself is one of my top three favorite things to do.  I encourage you to read and watch documentaries based on African American Studies.

 Now in school, they really taught us about Martin Luther King, a little bit of Malcolm X and of course slavery. You cannot hide 400 years of slavery!

Now Raise your hand if you knew about Rosewood, Black Wall Street, and Seneca Village. If that hand is raised, the anger of what has been happening is understood. If that hand is not raised, that is okay, educate yourself and learn about this. This is not a history test, but you can find the answers. The information is out there if you look.

Listening to a Podcast, is also a good way to educate yourself.

You can talk to them or you can Unfollow and unfriend your racist friends

I suppose, first you have to talk to your family or friends about their racist beliefs. If they continue to be racist, do it makes sense to be friends? If you are not racist, why in the world do you have racist friends? That do not make any sense. One thing about the internet, it will pull up some history on you. Those old tweets, if you thought it was gone think again. I see the cookie cutter statements from some of your favorites. “I am not that person anymore, I have great remorse, and deeply embarrassed” If that was the case, how could that apology was never said before.

I had to unfollow quite a few people, because I do not need that kind of influence. Protect your peace. Companies been actually dropping influencers/celebs left and right now, for any racial injustice. I have never seen that before. I normally do not rejoice in people getting fired, especially with the coronavirus running around, but racist remarks are never welcomed.

Support Black Business

Black owned business matter. One of the best ways to become an ally, is to support a black business. Continue supporting a black business that you love and enjoy. You can buy a lipstick that will support the cause here and find some new plant based restaurants here.

Use the gram to help you find a new business. Trust me some of your favorite products are blacked owned, so stock up on some more.  Spread the word about the business. This is a good way to give back, considering that this can create wealth and opportunities for the black community.

I know #Blacklivesmatter in trending now, but I am very hopeful this is a new step in the right direction. This is more than a moment.

Thanks For Reading,