Four Reasons to Live a little and treat yourself to a professional Facial

Washing your face, making sure your face is moisturized, and grabbing that sunscreen is definitely what you should be doing every day. This is the key to having nice skin. Doing some sort of facial at home is cool, and all, I have my masks (Sundays are usually my mask day) and all that good stuff too. Over here through we treat ourselves and we deserve to be pampered! I love getting facials! Let someone else sanitized hands do some work.

Now a facial is one of the best ways to treat your skin. After facials your face going to look hydrated, and youthful looking. We want to glow. Your esthetician cleanses, exfoliates, and pretty much pampers your skin. So yes, getting facials are very helpful. My main reason for making that spa appointment (or mostly walking in) is the pampering. A facial is one of the best ways to treat your skin!

The inviting factor

Alright, you do have to be particular about who touch your face. What I mean by that, is the place should feel inviting and clean! It should smell good too. That’s a part of being pampered. Look around. If it looks a mess get up out of there.  If someone going, to be touching my face, I need to feel good vibes and good energy. You can always google and look to get an idea of the spa. Read the reviews.

You can still save $ave

Stop sleeping on groupon. You do not always have to spend a lot of money on facials. Seriously, once you keep doing them, the treatments might be decreased anyway. (Not as much treatment unless YOU want too) Just look at their spa list, and then go to their separate websites. Groupon is definitely good for a treat. I mean, I’ve seen some good deals!

Take advantage of Spa week too. Don’t let that gem slip away. It’s a good way to try a new treatment, or hell even a new spa.


A massage always feels good. I like it when it is time to just enjoy this part. The facial massage is time to relax and just enjoy being pampered. At home, I’m barely massing my face during cleansing. Actually, I hardly ever do that step. Let’s be honest, that is something that I have to think and remind myself to do it. It just do not naturally come to me to start massaging my face.  I do appreciate it when they do it. Massaging your face promotes brighter skin and increases collagen production. Exactly what we all want.


I prefer smiling than not smiling. Each and every time, I leave the spa (well except that one time, but that was the front desk person) I’m smiling. We got to do things that makes us feel pampered and spoiled.

Going to the spa is also good way to reconnect or hang out with your friends.  Me and my friends barely have time to hang out with each other at all, but scheduling a spa session is a good way to meet up and unwind. Who don’t have a good time when they at a spa.

We only have one face! Take care of your face the best way you could. It is so hectic out here, that this is an easy way to distress.