“Repeat after me, Hydrate and Exfoliate “

Years ago, I treated myself to a facial, while I was on my birthday cruise. While I was being pampered, my esthetician told me my skin was dehydrated during my facial.  Huh? How? How in the world can I be dehydrated when I drink a lot of water? This was the first time I will hear this, but not the last time. I clearly was not picking up the products that the esthetician offers you at the end of the facial sessions. Eventually, I started to ask questions, got some questions answered from the experts.  Drinking water is good, but not enough to combat dehydrated skin.  Like it is not the only factor. The main takeaway, I got to battle the dullness some is to exfoliate and hydrate.  None of us want a dull dehydrated complexion!

Get some water in you, like you getting paid to do so

While drinking water is not the only thing you should be doing to fight a dull complexion, you still need to get to sipping. Without enough water, your skin will look dull. (The pee test still works to see if you are drinking enough or way too much!) If actually drinking water is not your thing, drink watermelon juice or eat up on some broth soups, sip smoothies, or eat some green salads. If you happen to be a chilehead like me, you might be reaching for some sort of liquid whether your skin Is dull or bright.

Reach for the water based products

At this point in my life, I’m adding water based products to my skin. I’m looking at Sunday Riley Tidal moisturizer and La Roche Pasay Tolerane Fluid.  I had a few water based samples from Sephora and was hooked! Water based products feel so light and refreshing on the skin. I love using a water based product (made for the eyes) on my eye area.  It definitely helps perk up tired looking eyes.

Nice and Gentle Cleansing

I picked up a gentle cleanser from a holiday bazaar in December. Honestly, with all the serums, and mask talk, a cleanser is often overlooked. I was surprised about how well non dry my skin felt. My skin actually felt so soft and hydrated, using a hydrating cleanser.  Twice a week, I like to exfoliate my face, neck, and chest with some gentle exfoliating. This step really helps in getting my face to feel soft and smooth, even before I add my moisturizer.

Back to Serums

In the cooler months like right now, I like to use a serum then followed by a moisturizer. The moisturizer I use in the day time is ALWAYS with sunscreen (Not the ashy ones through) At night time after my serums, I use a heavier night cream. I switch back and forth with a water based night cream.

So far, these tips have been helping me out.  Let me know what main tips keep your skin hydrated.



    February 24, 2020

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂


      March 1, 2020

      Thank you. Our skin is important.


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