“You are appreciated”

Around three months ago, I lost my Uncle “Sonny” on December 25, 2018. Christmas Day! Early in the morning! Before I got out my bed that holiday morning, I knew the holiday was forever altered for my family. While I loved my Uncle, I always expected to see him during a gathering, therefore unknown to me, I took him for granted. The funny thing about death is that it really has no specific time, and it certainly does not discriminate. I brought him beautiful flowers for his passing, but he was not around to smell it. Give flowers while they are alive, had a new meaning to it for me.  Right then and there I decided that I have to make a better effort in appreciating and celebrating loved ones while they are here.
  1. Buy them flowers now
A couple of days ago, I surprised my Great Grandmother with some flowers.  There was no special occasion. The fact that I loved her was enough. I brought my grandmother (Great Grandmother, daughter) some flowers on V day this year. I realized it was the first time that I have brought them flowers. I may have gifted them other things, but it was the first time I brought flowers. Do not go too crazy with the place you get the flowers from just get it done!
  • Show up for them.
I may have limited free time, but I’m making sure I use my time wisely. One way to do that is to show up to their events. These events can be birthday parties, grand openings, plays, etc. If you cannot go, tell someone else about it that can go.
  • Say kind words to them
“You are appreciated” Saying kind words is the same the same concept with flowers. Let them hear you say kindhearted things about them, while they are living! This is not the time to hold back. If the food is good, let them know that. If they can fix everything or even one thing, tell them how much that is a help to you. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to show appreciation. A compliment causes you nothing, but can be everything for your loved ones. Do not take life for granted! Appreciate yourself too . Thanks for reading