4 Challenges you should do for the Third Quarter of the Year

 Challenges are good to do because it helps work on our goals and symptoms. I do not care if it’s for a day (ziplining) 0r a month, (No eating out) Every challenge has a purpose and should better you.  Some of them become my new way of life, (Um the whole no meat thing).  Either way, I feel like everyone should do some sort of challenges to get out of their comfort zone. Here are […]

How to survive your first Barbecue as a “Non-Meat Eater”

  Despite all the bullshit that’s going on, summer is here.! We need to have some sort of fun even, if it’s in small doses. Someone is going to be grilling, and I probably will go. Now there is still this big little thing called social distancing. Keep that in mind, too.  We can have fun, we just got to be safe.  For some of you guys this is going to be your first time […]

Three Rookies mistakes that Vegetarians Make

Sometimes those Juice Cleanses are Bogus, Sis.          Okay, Okay, you made the decision to stop eating meat, and you feeling all good. Did you watch forks over knives? Who convinced you? I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve made mistakes, like getting rice and gravy, and not even knowing what’s in the doggone gravy. I just knew it was no visible meat in it.  In the beginning, you going to make some simple […]

An open letter to becoming an Ally

I realized it was an Issue, not just Black People Vs Racism. This week has not been an easy week at all.   We already on lockdown, with the pandemic, and now this! There has been a worldwide cry for injustice related to racial events. My friend (whom is white), I’ll call her Raven called me the other day and asked what can she do to help. She was outraged.  To be honest, I couldn’t […]

How to learn the difference between a Vegan diet and a Vegetarian diet, once and for all

. I sure wish I had a dollar for every one who asked what is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian diet. There are a lot of people who do not know the difference between being a vegan and a vegetarian.  For the most part, everyone pretty much understands that no physical meat is present in these diets. There is no animal flesh involved. That will be correct.  I realized a while ago, […]